Russia’s high-ranking officials must be put on international wanted list, Ukraine’s prosecutor general says

The international law enforcement institutions (Interpol and Europol) must put Russian senior officials and generals of the Russian Armed Forces on the international wanted list for waging war against Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko said at a briefing in Kyiv.

"Punishment for damage inflicted to independent states must be advocated by the international institutions, namely Interpol and Europol," Lutsenko said.

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The prosecutor general said that the individuals announced by him earlier today would first be put on the national wanted list in the territory of Ukraine on a point of order. The international arrest warrant must be issued against them after that.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) has issued indictments against 18 persons from among representatives of Russia's authorities and armed forces on charges of their involvement in infringing Ukraine's territorial integrity Aug. 8, 2016. The prosecutor general also said that the PGO was going to serve notice of suspicion to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
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