He lies about Russian aggression, - Russian press on Turchynov's article

Russian website Regnum has published an article by Yakov Rud about a text by secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov.

As Censor.NET reports, the author wrote: "Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Turchynov stunned the readers with another strategic outlook. Holos Ukrainy (Voice of Ukraine) newspaper dated Aug. 17 published his article about development in the field of global security. Its common thread is the idea that the world is doomed to a world war and that Ukraine would play a fateful role in its start, because of which the world war may begin.

"All the proposed conclusions and findings are based on a deliberately false picture of Russian "aggression" against Ukraine in 2014, as well as of the global "threat" posed by Russia. This approach should have allowed the author to avoid what he calls a 'research note', referring to the genre of a fables and pleasing his readers with the conclusion that there is no beast worse than the Russian 'cat' for the Ukrainian 'mouse'," the article reads.

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"The article of Aug. 17 is not the first forecast by Oleksandr Turchynov regarding "Russian aggression" against Ukraine. Since Feb. 2014, he amused the public with announcements that Russian offensive on Kyiv would begin next day, not for one, two or even three times, but at least 20. Luckily or not, nobody collected accurate statistics on predictive revelations of the Kyiv member of the "strategic Seven". However, according to my calculations, there were at least three or four this year alone and around a dozen last year," Rud wrote.

"Strategist Turchynov sees only two scenarios of further developments: a full-scale war between Ukraine and Russia or a 'hybrid' war between them. The Kyiv king of forecast does not pay any attention to the real scenario, not taken out of the air. However, this scenario is the most likely. It is a civil war in Ukraine, which is already under way in a limited format and threatens to go to the national level, manifesting itself in new forms. The topic of civil war, as well as events in the Donbas as an internal Ukrainian conflict, is closed for Turchynov for obvious reasons," he noted.

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The mentioned article by Turchynov can be found here (in Ukrainian), and excerpts translated in English here.

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