Russia a factor of dismantlement for global security, - NSDC's Turchynov

The crisis of global system of international security is getting worse.

This was stated by National Security and Defense Council's Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov in his article "National security of Ukraine: challenges and priorities," published by Holos Ukrainy governmental newspaper on Wednesday, Aug. 17, Censor.NET reports citing NSDS'c press service.

In his article, the NSDC secretary stresses that in order to effectively resist the Russian aggressor, it is needed to clearly understand the global scene and realize the place and the role of Ukraine's fight in the global dimension. Turchynov analyzes the situation in the world, in Europe, and in the Russian Federation, outlining his solutions to the existing problems and conflicts.

"Russian aggression in Ukraine, the wars in the Middle East, instability and military conflicts in Northern Africa, tensions among Eastern Asia countries, aggressive provocations by North Korea, and international terrorism are symptoms of crisis in the global system of international security, which only deepens with time," he wrote.

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The NSDC secretary noted that "interior weakness of the united Europe increases its vulnerability in the face of Russian threat and international terrorism, which together form an existential challenge for European civilization, which is realized by a few."

"European foreign policy and security policy are slow-responding and idle, and are now characterized by softness without force," Turchynov believes. He wrote that in order to overcome the crisis, Europe "should be realistic in assessment and operative in reaction not only to domestic problems, but also to exterior challenges."

Speaking of Russia's foreign policy, Turchynov said he believed that "current attempt of geopolitical offensive could become a curtain raiser to the end of Putin's regime."

"Today, the Kremlin is doing its best to restore direct control over the states that used to be part of Russian or Soviet empire. Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, South Caucasus and Central Asia countries are the primary targets of the Russian aggression," the article reads.

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The NSDC secretary stressed that the Kremlin's goal in Europe is "to destroy the unity of the EU and to transform its parts into corrupted autocracies, similar to Putin's Russia."

"By supporting authoritarian trends in the region, including direct financing of antidemocratic political forces, corruption of elites, use of criminal forces, Russia acts as a factor of dismantlement for global security," Turchynov stressed.

According to him, Ukraine is a key element in Russian aggressive strategy.

"Fight for Ukraine is a pivotal moment for Putin's Russia, just like it was for Lenin's RSFSR. If the Kremlin wins, the system of European security will be destroyed, and Russian troops will have open path to the West. If Ukraine stands, the spread of the war will be stopped," the NSDC secretary of Ukraine stated.

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