NSDC's Turchynov could tackle e-declaration issue if those responsible for it fail, - press service

After a provocative reference to the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine regarding a number of issues raised over the launch of the electronic declaration system and an attempt of "regular corruption fighters" and employees of certain media to distort objective information, the National Security and Defense Council press service is forced to make an official statement.

Censor.NET reports referring to the NSDC press service.

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"We emphasize that the mandate of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, its staff as well as its secretary does not stipulate the introduction of electronic declaration. The introduction and further maintenance of the system is vested in the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) - an independent body that was elected on a competitive basis, openly and transparently," the statement notes.

The NSDC also claims it does not control any of the authorities involved in the state examination of the system. According to the NSDC, the situation analysis has revealed several aspects that the persons behind the ongoing "media-baiting" are trying to hide.

First of all, the development of the software, which is crucial for the efficient running of the electronic declaration system, effectiveness of the fight against corruption and country's image, was ordered from a little-known private company.

Secondly, the software was delivered almost a month after the deadline. Third, three of its five modules do not meet the requirements.

Moreover, the NSDC argues that the system does not exist as such - instead of a sophisticated hardware and software complex with servers, control and protection system, developers have provided "several servers leased by a private firm, which the NAPC has nothing to do with, and uploaded part of an uncertified software product on them."

According to the NSDC, those guilty for the failure to introduce a quality product "resorted to cynical offence instead of apologizing and requesting for help. They deliberately delayed the provision of a low-quality product for examination and launched a dirty harassment campaign against the government experts... When those plans failed, another version was hastily fabricated - a "rebellion" of senior officials and "the omnipresent hand of the NSDC"...

"The country will have the e-declaration system despite any provocations, dirt, and lack of professionalism. When those who took up this issue and are creating serious problems instead of a quality product turn out to be unable to fix deficiencies and complete the work, we suggest addressing the NSDC secretary, who in his spare time will be able to effectively tackle the e-declaration issue in no time," the message sums up.
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