Kremlin made several mistakes in this conflict, Putin underestimated Ukrainian people, - US Ambassador Pyatt on Russian aggression against Ukraine

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt believes that one should never count on the fact that Ukrainians will break down.

The diplomat said in an interview with Den news outlet, Censor.NET reports.

The U.S. ambassador deems that Kremlin has made a number of mistakes in this conflict. Putin underestimated the Ukrainian people while his other mistake was that the Kremlin had hoped or expected that it would manage to split NATO, cause rupture between the U.S. and European allies.

Geoffrey Pyatt believes that President Obama's great achievement was that he had personally spent a lot of time working with his European counterparts - Merkel, Hollande, Renzi - to preserve unity on this issue.

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Asked about advice Geoffrey Pyatt would give Marie Yovanovitch, who was going to supersede him in the post of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, he said that one should never count on the fact that Ukrainians will break down; one should never underestimate the Ukrainian people. He added that it was one of the things that had changed in Ukraine compared with the earlier period when Yovanovitch was working in this country for the first time.

The diplomat stressed that Ukraine's society became incredibly active as it created volunteer organizations that were actively involved in the life of the country, as well as supported the army and police. Geoffrey Pyatt said that it was the civil society that encouraged his optimism about Ukraine.

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