Russian leadership become enmeshed in allegations, - Turchynov

Senseless accusations and threats against Ukraine are the consequence of the revenge-seeking Russian leadership’s impunity.

This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, Censor.NET reports citing the NSDC press service.

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Turchynov pointed out that the Russian security forces "aired their loud statement about the events that took place, according to them, on the night of Aug. 7 only on Aug. 10."

"This delay can be explained only by the fact that they needed the time to forge so-called 'evidence of the aggressive actions of Ukraine' and hide dangerous criminal acts of their subordinates, namely a gunfight between soldiers of different Russian detachments, who are widely known as heavy drinkers, especially on weekends. Not only the Russian military, but also civilians, residents of Crimea, were killed and injured as a result of the shootout," the NSDC secretary stressed.

According to Turchynov, in the attempt to gloss over their war crimes and whip up anti-Ukrainian hysteria, the Russian security forces started telling tall tales about the alleged assault of commandos of the Ukraine's MoD Main Intelligence Directorate and military breakthroughs along with strikes from the territory of Ukraine.

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The NSDC secretary recalled that they initially were talking about "arrested MoD Main Intelligence Directorate members while the recent statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry mention two citizens of Ukraine and Russia, who were not MoD commandos at all, as it turned out, but civilians who allegedly 'assisted the Ukrainian military'."

"Meanwhile, everyone understands that they are actually some random civilians who have been captured to cover up a shootout between drunken Russian military as well as provocation ineptly and hastily forged by the FSB. Civilians who will sign or voice any dictated nonsense after being tortured in the dungeons of the FSB. The world was lucky that drunken Russian soldiers did not have access to more powerful weapons the Russian General Staff had filled occupied Crimea with.

"The senseless accusations and threats against Ukraine are the consequence of impunity of the revenge-seeking Russia's leadership building its empire on lies, aggression, murders, and absence of civil rights. But history shows that such empires are doomed. They collapse, burying tyrants under the debris," the NSDC secretary summed up.

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