Ukrainian officers share knowledge of Putin's hybrid war with Western colleagues, - The Times

Ukrainian special forces and military intelligence officers are helping the British Army to understand how President Putin fights.

Censor.NET reports referring to The Times publication.

"A group of highly experienced reservists visited the UK last month to give briefings on the way that Russian forces integrate high-end conventional weapons, electronic jamming devices, covert sabotage missions and the exploitation of social media," journalists Deborah Haynes and Mark Bennetts say.

According to them, such an exchange is a rare thing to happen. "It is in contrast to the very public basic infantry training that British soldiers have been giving to their Ukrainian counterparts," they point out.

"We now have something to learn from them in terms of modern high-end warfare and hybrid operations," a defense source said.

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What the Ukrainians have been experiencing since Russia's annexation of Crimea two and a half years ago "is the Third World War on a tiny scale," the source remarked.

Yesterday The Times revealed an army analysis that Russian forces significantly outgun British troops. "President Putin has also turned information into a military tool," the article reads.

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"Five Ukrainian officers and a Lithuanian instructor took part in the briefing. One of them, Colonel Rafael Liukmanov, a special forces intelligence officer, said that it was vital for Britain and its NATO allies to understand Russia's use of information warfare," The Times notes.

"Nuclear weapons destroy physically. Information warfare destroys your consciousness," Liukmanov stressed. British and NATO officers and other ranks attended the Ukrainian briefings that are expected to take place again.
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