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 "This bastard still managed to escape," - MP Bereza about corrupt Judge Chaus

The whereabouts of Judge Mykola Chaus who has been recently caught red-handed accepting a $150,000 bribe is unknown.

Independent people's deputy Boryslav Bereza wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

According to the MP, there are several ideas as to where the ill-famed judge may be.

"1. He's hiding somewhere in Ukraine, and there is a chance to catch him; 2. He's hiding in Ukrainian Crimea, which is now annexed, and his detention is problematic; 3. He is in Belarus, and there is a chance to return him. It is small but nevertheless it exists; 4. He is already in Russia. In this case, it is impossible to arrest Chaus because Russia does not extradite thieves, murderers and corrupt scum. It needs them for itself," Bereza supposed.

See more: Dniprovskyi district court judge Chaus caught accepting $150,000 bribe, - NABU. PHOTOS (updated)

Earlier, NABU detectives nabbed Judge of the Dniprovskyi district court of Kyiv Mykola Chaus who was extorting and obtained an unlawful benefit in the amount of $150,000.

Chaus previously tried Euromaidan activists, convicted former leader of UKROP party Hennadii Korban, and made judgments in favor of Yanukovych's ally Yurii Ivaniushchenko also known in criminal world as Yura Yenakievskyi.
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