Police investigate Panov’s abduction, National Police Acting Head Troian says

The investigators determined that the fact of Yevhen Panov’s disappearance reported by his relatives was an offence bearing the elements of a crime envisaged by the article 146 (illegal deprivation of freedom or abduction) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Acting Head of the National Police of Ukraine Vadym Troian said today, Aug. 11, Censor.NET reports citing the Communications Department of the National Police.

According to him, the investigators initiated criminal proceedings over the missing person statement filed by Yevhen Panov's relatives. The police received this statement yesterday, Aug. 10. The information was entered into the Unified Register of pretrial investigations.

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Vadym Troian said that the investigators launched the criminal proceedings into an act constituting an offence under the article 146 (illegal deprivation of freedom or abduction) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The case is probed by the investigators of the Enerhodar police precinct (the Zaporizhia region).

"We take all the necessary steps to fully and impartially clarify all the circumstances of the crime as soon as possible," the National Police acting head stressed.

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On Aug. 10, the FSB released an official statement about averted terrorist attacks in annexed Crimea "prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine's MoD in order to target critical life-supporting and infrastructure facilities inside the peninsula."

The Ukrainian MoD refuted the FSB's allegations on the involvement of Ukraine's intelligence in subversive activities in Crimea and called them an attempt of the Russian Federation to justify its aggression in the territory of the annexed peninsula.

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The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine's MoD denies the information about an alleged breakthrough of Ukrainian "subversive and terrorist groups" in the territory of Crimea. According to Defense Intelligence representative Vadym Skibitskyi, such allegations by the FSB is one of the elements of incitement and destabilization of the situation in Ukraine: "provocation is an element of the hybrid war which the Russian Federation is waging against us."

President Petro Poroshenko said the Russian allegations were groundless and served as "a pretext for more military threats against Ukraine."

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