Journalist Bochkala leaves Inter TV channel following scandal over published e-mails between channel personnel and “DPR” terrorists

Roman Bochkala resigned from his job as journalist for Inter TV channel after the scandal that sparked over recently published correspondence between the TV channel employees and terrorists.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"That's it. The badge has been handed over; the exit check list has been completed. I'm leaving Inter TV channel. These were the most interesting eight years of my life. But the new challenges and projects are ahead," he wrote.

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Earlier, the correspondence between employee of "DPR Ministry of Public Security" Tatiana Yegorova and representatives of Ukraine's Inter and Donbass TV channels leaked online. In one of the e-mails, a certain Masha, the alleged employee of Inter TV channel (most probably, ex-Creative Producer of Inter's "Podrobytsi Tyznhia" news show Maria Stolyarova is meant), offered apology for the fact that the "DPR" militants were called terrorists on air of the news show. She noted that journalist Bochkala was punished for using such a definition.

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In turn, Roman Bochkala gave comment on the correspondence to Glavred: "I cannot take these e-mails for granted. However, judging by the names and e-mail addresses, I assume that the correspondence actually took place. But if it comes to the fact that I was allegedly punished for the word "terrorist" that, as far as I understood, I had used in my story, that's not the case. However, I guess that my leadership got bawled out for my high-quality story. They were outraged by it, and apparently covered themselves in front of their supervisors saying that I was punished. Again, they didn't do it," he commented

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