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 Prosecutor general voices his versions in case of warrantless eavesdropping and PGO’s searches in NABU

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko commented on today’s raid at National Anti-Corruption Bureau conducted by members of the PGO.

Yurii Lutsenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"1. At the request of the SBU, the Prosecutor General's Office opened a case into illegal wiretapping executed by a NABU detective.

"2. I'm not going to divide the law enforcement systems into good and bad. The warrantless eavesdropping is violation of the law regardless of whoever carried it out.

"3. I see NABU as an ally in the fight against crime and corruption. I do not protect prosecutors. On the contrary, I put handcuffs on traitors in my agency if necessary. I expect the same from the head of NABU, that's why I warned Artem Sytnyk about the planned investigative activities in advance.

"4. I have several versions as for the perpetrator: either it was an officer of the SBU who provided incorrect information on the suspect's phones to a detective, or it was a detective who did not cease eavesdropping of an uninvolved person, or both.

"5. The search is over. Taking into account previous developments, it will be interesting to see the 'somersaults' of aggressive PGO members (who, as they dreamed, waged a war against NABU) when PGO will officially drop charges against the NABU detective:)


"1. No law enforcement agency can be immune for checks.

"2. There's no point in artificial turning partners into enemies," he wrote.

Earlier, Prosecutor General's Office seized papers at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau in a raid carried out under the case into warrantless eavesdropping of a person.

NABU previously reported that no actions aimed at the seizure of papers or searching the offices of employees or other premises of the Bureau were made by the members of the Prosecutor General's Office as at 2 p.m. Aug. 5.

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According to NABU, the case was initiated into misappropriation of 30,000 tonnes of sugar of Ahrarnyi Fond PJSC with Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Kolesnyk as a suspect.

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