Volunteer Biriukov's project attempts to monopolize Ukraine's Army provisioning, - Svirko

Center for development and support of supply to Armed Forces of Ukraine, headed by Dmytro Marchenko, attempts to monopolize the process of army provisioning.

This was stated by head of tenders committee of the Defense Ministry Oleh Svirko in an interview with TSN, Censor.NET reports.

"The thing is that the Center (for development and support of supply to Armed Forces of Ukraine - ed.) in its present form is a structure that attempts to monopolize the process of provisioning of Ukraine's Armed Forces, which provokes huge corruption risks. I have reported this to the Ministry of Defense many times. My stance on this issue made the leadership of the Center - Marchenko, Kapinus and Biriukov, who created it - attack me and those who share it. All of their accusations are just general statements. Their task is to seize control over key points that will allow controlling the provisioning of the Armed Forces," Svirko said.

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He said that the tender committee and state procurement department managed to save over 1 billion hryvnia ($40 million) of state funds.

"Certainly, such activities are not welcomed by many, including Mr. Marchenko, who with a group of his 'comrades' is attempting to create a structure that will monopolize the entire process of army provisioning in the rear, with subsequent corruption risks. Our activities are set to spend as little money as possible for the highest quality products. This is our task," Svirko said.

However, he could not explain why some notorious provisioning companies like Avika, Artek-Soiuz, Vizit, and Geus are still participants to contest trades, and why the committee was not able to find new food supplying companies over 15 months.

Earlier, in one of his interviews, Dmytro Marchenko accused Oleh Svirko of "control over the market of the Defense Ministry."
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