Four Russian militants killed, six wounded in Donbas yesterday, including two low-ranking commanders, - Ukraine's Intelligence

Ukraine's Main Intelligence Department of the Defense Ministry announced of four killed and six wounded pro-Russian militants from the so-called 1st army corps of the Russian Armed Forces on Aug. 3.

Censor.NET informs citing the press service of the authority on Facebook.

According to MID, on Aug, 3, four soldiers were killed, six received injuries from the 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade (Horlivka) and 11th separate motorized rifle regiment (Makiivka) of the 1st army corps (Donetsk) of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.

The intelligence notes that the gravest losses were incurred by units of the 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade (Horlivka) of the 1st army corps (Donetsk) of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, for those killed included two low-ranking commanders of the brigade (a company commander and a platoon commander).

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It is also reported that five bodies were delivered to the morgue of the regional Kalinin hospital (Donetsk), as well as eight wounded were accepted in a hospital's special unit that serves as a military hospital for Russian soldiers. The wounded were from special recon Volkodav unit, which attempted an ingress near Krasnohorivka and failed.

Earlier, it was reported that residents of militants-controlled Yasynuvata (the Donetsk region) intentionally drove a truck over a group of Russian militants as a revenge for killing of their relatives in militants' shelling of the city.

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