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 Turchynov to police officers: "Reliable protection of citizens is key criterion of your work"

Ukraine has taken the path of reform and broken the old law enforcement system, substituting the Soviet-style militia with the National Police.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said in his speech in Kyiv on Sofiivska Square dedicated to Ukraine's National Police Day, Censor.NET reports referring to the NSDC press service.

"I remember late February- early March of 2014 when you could not find a single militia officer in Kyiv's fire-scorched streets. They were hiding from people defending their right to live in a free country," the NSDC secretary remarked.

According to Turchynov, the old warped law enforcement system "gave rise to not only violence and fear, not only helplessness in critical situations but the most dangerous thing - betrayal."

"After the Revolution of Dignity, volunteer battalions came as first units established by the Interior Ministry in that hazardous atmosphere raging across our country. Together with the Armed Forces and the National Guard, they were the first to meet and stop the enemy," Turchynov added.

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He also noted that Ukraine has taken the path of law enforcement reform.

"We have broken the old system, and now Ukraine has the National Police instead of the Soviet-style militia," he said, expressing hope that the new police will not disappoint Ukrainians. "Reliable protection of citizens is the key criterion of your work," Turchynov stressed.

"I believe you will overcome all the challenges with dignity. Ukraine will have a European-style police being on a par with the best law enforcement agencies of the world's leading states," he concluded.

The NSDC secretary presented the banner of Ukraine's National Police to its chief Khatiia Dekanoidze.

Today, Aug. 4, Ukraine marks National Police Day for the first time.
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