Friendly relations of EU and NATO with Russia not possible until it fulfills Minsk agreements, - Estonian Foreign Minister Kaljurand

The European Union and NATO will not restore friendly relationship with Russia until it fulfills Minsk agreements.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was said by Estonian Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand in an interview with Ukrinform news agency.

According to her, Estonia's relations with Russia could be much better, but at the moment they resemble those between the EU and Russia. As long as Russia does not fulfill Minsk agreements, Estonia sees no possibility for lifting sanctions or improving its relations with Russia, Kaljurand said.

She noted that the two countries have diplomatic ties between them and discuss various issues, but Estonia stresses there would be not return to 'doing business as usual' until the Minsk accords are fulfilled, the minister said.

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Kaljurand said the same is true about NATO. Relationship between NATO and Russia was discussed at the Warsaw summit, and the same conclusion was made there: in all sectors that require talks and negotiations, they will be held (Afghanistan, terrorism, Syria), but the relations have not become constructive or friendly, the minister stressed. She said there would be no cooperation between NATO and Russia as it had been prior to annexation of Crimea.

The key to better relations is in Moscow, Kaljurand stressed.

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