"LPR" terrorists jailed for eight years for extortion by Moscow court

Ex-militants of the self-proclaimed "Luhansk People's Republic" have been found guilty of extortion by a Moscow court.

Censor.NET reports citing Kommersant.

Threatening to disclose information about clients of Jugra Bank, the malefactors were extorting 300 million rubles (approx. $4.2 million) from the credit institution with the purpose of an alleged restoration of destroyed economy of the "LPR."

As the case has it, the investigation was launched after the bank received an envelope on March 19, 2015, containing copies of financial documents, including information about accounts of several Jugra customers, including cash flow statements, etc.

The envelope also contained a phone number of the extortionists. They called themselves Petr and Viktor and put forward a condition: if the bank does not want the data to be published, it should give them 300 million rubles. According to the criminals, the money were meant "for the restoration of the destroyed economy of the "LPR"" rather than their personal needs.

The bank security service checked those who inquired about the customers indicated in the letter. The only person turned out to be chief expert of the corporate sales department of Jugra's Tyumen branch 29-year-old Olga Beloborodova.

The bank management contacted police, and all further negotiations with the extortionists were controlled by operatives.

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The police set up surveillance on Beloborodova and learned that her partner was former police officer Alexander Solntsev. In 2014, he arrived in Luhansk as part of 'Batman' terrorist gang.

Having studied the telephone contacts of the two suspects, investigators found out that another former 'Batman' militant Yegor Yuldashev was staying in Moscow together with Solntsev.

As it turned out after the arrest, Solntsev and Yuldashev intended to immediately leave Moscow upon receiving the money.

Beloborodova was apprehended at the workplace in Tyumen.

The detainees refused to plead guilty. Both during the probe and in court, they insisted on not having evil intentions and said they indeed planned to spend the derived money on the needs of the "LPR." Their actions are qualified as "extortion on a large scale."

Having considered the case, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow found the defendants guilty and sentenced Alexander Solntsev and Yegor Yuldashev to eight years in penal colony each. Olga Beloborodova received four years in jail.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n399916