Trump's statements about Putin and Crimea transgress bounds of political campaign, - Yatseniuk

Donald Trump's statements about Crimea and Putin have gone beyond the scope of domestic political campaign.

Censor.NET reports referring to former Ukrainian PM Yatseniuk's Facebook.

"An official U.S. presidential candidate defies the values of the free world, civilized order and international law. It can hardly be called ignorance. It's a neglect of moral and civilized principles.

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"The United States is the leader of the free world. Deprived of leadership and alliance, this world will be destroyed. By people like Putin, Le Pen, Assad, Kim Jong-un and dozens of other dictators, demagogues and populists. Americans deserve to have a responsible and wise president and supreme commander. The role of such leader cannot be overemphasized," the ex-prime minister said.

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"Donald Trump should ask for sage advice from representatives of the Republican Party, who clearly understand what freedom is, know the meaning of international law and the free world. I am sure that many of them dissociate themselves from Trump's rhetoric and are aware of how dangerous it is. We should not let any verbal, political or practical venture from undermine our common values, pave the way for aggressors, dictators and terrorists. What Donald Trump is saying about Crimea today, tomorrow may relate to any other part of the world - Europe, Asia, America.

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"The free world needs unity and solidarity. It needs alliance and concerted support of the common values. No other options are there. This is the only way to defend our future against the growing threat of insecurity, fear and isolationism. I really believe that wisdom will prevail," Yatseniuk summed up.

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