180 people from militants' swap list refuse to return to "DPR" and "LPR", - Tandit

The prisoner swap lists offered by militants include people who have never been captured by Ukrainian defense and security authorities, as well as mere criminals.

Adviser to the chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine YuriI Tandit said on air of Hromadske Radіo, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, last year in Minsk, the Ukrainian side received a list of people who the self-proclaimed republics wanted to exchange. It included 1,102 names.

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According to Tandit, more than 300 people from the list have never been detained by Ukrainian law enforcers, while more than 180 are reluctant to return to the occupied territory.

"100 people could not be identified at all. There are some nicknames, some strange aliases, confused names. The interesting thing is that more than 40 people have nothing to do with the anti-terrorist operation and the contact line. They didn't defend any principles. Some of them are sentenced to different terms. For example, one man is jailed for dodging alimony," he said.

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Now, this list has been shrunk to 602 people, and terrorists insist on the "all-for-all" formula.

Tandit calls it "delaying tactics."

"The neighboring country employs delaying tactics... They have already announced the postponement of elections until November. They are putting pressure and trying to lobby their interests in the West in order to legalize those criminal authorities and leave everything as is," the adviser noted.

Tandit also added that militants had disrupted the previously announced exchange of 25 Ukrainian hostages for 50 people from the militants' swap list.

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Earlier, Iryna Herashchenko reported about 109 Ukrainian citizens held in captivity by terrorists.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n399718