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 Air pollution in Kyiv two to five times higher than safe level, - State Emergency Service

The level of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde in the air of the Ukrainian capital is two to five times that of the maximum permitted concentration.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the press office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

"The low wind, high humidity, vertical distribution of temperature in the surface layer of the atmosphere has been recorded in Kyiv as of July 29. These factors prevent mixing of air masses causing visibility reduction, formation of occasional ground fog, and air pollution increase exceeding the safe level.

"The concentration of carbon monoxide is up to two times that of the permitted level, nitrogen dioxide concentration is from two to five times higher than the permitted level, and formaldehyde concentration is from two to four times higher than the permitted level. Such weather conditions will remain in Kyiv until the end of the day," the statement by the State Emergency Service reads.

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