Kovaliov of "Nikhto Krim Nas" never came to Maidan, organization supported Antimaidan, could easily help Berkut, - Afghanistan, ATO veteran Ivzhenko

Leaders of "Nіkhto Krіm Nas" (Nobody But Us) NGO, which unites airborne troops veterans, have never taken part in the Maidan protests and could easily help Berkut fighters.

As reported by Censor.NET, veteran of the war in Afghanistan and anti-terrorist operation (ATO), Senior Sgt. of Aidar Battalion's 2nd Assault Company Ihor Ivzhenko commented on Prosecutor General Lutsenko's statement about alleged assistance rendered to Berkut riot police fighters by leaders of a veteran NGO who protested with Maidan activists during the Revolution of Dignity.

"The leaders of "Nіkhto Krіm Nas" Oleksandr Kovaliov, Serhii Pototskyi and others were not among the Maidan protesters; on the contrary, they supported Antimaidan, had close ties with Berkut, and it's no wonder they hid the weapons that killed the Heavenly Hundred," he said.

According to him, none of the NGO's leaders went to defend Ukraine.

"On the contrary, Kovaliov and his allies do not conceal their separatist views and dare to openly insult our deceased comrades. The situation when Pototskyi spread fake information about the death of Ukrainian hero Oleh Mikhniuk looks particularly vile. He wrote: "Shot dead like a wild dog! A lousy hero!" And Kovaliov's comment was: "It serves him right!"," Ivzhenko noted.

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