One of "Nikhto Krim Nas" NGO's leaders helped Berkut's "black hundred" flee Kyiv, - Horbatiuk

One of the leaders of "Nіkhto Krіm Nas" (Nobody But Us) NGO, which unites airborne troops veterans, has been served a notice of suspicion of concealing the shooting of 39 Maidan activists by Berkut riot police officers on Instytutska Street in Kyiv on Feb. 20, 2014.

Head of PGO's Special Investigations Department Serhii Horbatiuk said it in a comment to LB.ua, Censor.NET reports.

At that, Horbatiuk declined to disclose the name of the suspect, just noting that he is one of the leaders of "Nіkhto Krіm Nas" NGO.

"He has been notified about the suspicion of concealing a crime. This falls under the article 396 of the Criminal Code, providing for up to three years in prison. It is not a serious crime, a moderate one. In this case, the Criminal Code does not provide for detention as a pre-trial measure. The investigation is underway and not completed yet - all circumstances and details are yet to be established. After we have them, the case will be taken to court. At present, such details [motives of the suspect - ed.] can not be announced," Horbatiuk said.

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When asked if there were other Maidan activists who helped the suspect, Horbatiuk said: "We do nat claim this very person was a Maidan activist, we just say that he was one of the leaders of an NGO. There are individuals who received instructions regarding the concealment of the crime. However, only one person has been served a notice of suspicion," Horbatiuk summed up.

Previously, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko said that the person who drowned the weapons of Berkut's "black hundred" and helped the shooters escape from Kyiv was one of the Maidan participants.

"As for the weapons, we have indeed found arms of the "black hundred" with the help of MoD's Counterintelligence. They include the sniper rifle which the entire country saw on the terrible video of Maidan protesters being shot from the roof of Zhovtnevyi Palace. We found this rifle and lots of other assault riffles in a lake in Kyiv. They were reduced to fragments and drowned altogether by a group of people, the leader of which is under investigation. Unfortunately, this is the man who, according to our version, led the "black hundred" out of Kyiv on Zakharchenko's order, destroyed the weapons and drowned them, even though he was protesting with us on Maidan square," the prosecutor general said.

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