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 NSDC starts drafting defense budget-2017

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov chaired the meeting on drafting the defense budget for 2017 with participation of top security chiefs, as well as economy and finance ministers.

Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

According to Turchynov, the financing of the security and defense sectors cannot be reduced given the threats the country is facing.

"That's why the provision of the National Security Strategy to allocate funds in the amount of 5 percent of GDP for financing the security and defense sector should be performed in full," he said.


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In addition, the NSDC Secretary stressed the need to compensate this year's unfunded defense spending "as the issue of filling the Special Fund by the money attached from Yanukovych and his cronies was not solved by the parliament."

"Besides the draft budget for next year, we must develop out state defense order for 2017, giving priority to advanced missile complexes, heavy artillery, air defense, and electronic warfare systems etc.," Turchynov said, adding that salaries of servicemen should be inflation-adjusted, while "the soldier's profession must maintain status of the most prestigious and important one in the country."Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n399171