BusinessCensor Chief Editor Serhii Holovniov got attacked: "They knocked me down, kicked, and fled"

Two unidentified individuals attacked BusinessCensor Chief Editor Serhii Holovniov on Kostiantynivska Str. (Podilskyi district of Kyiv) yesterday, July 25.

The journalist wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I never thought I would write this. But my profession does not imply the veil of silence. I was walking down the Kostiantynivska Street towards Kontraktova Square yesterday after work when two thugs attacked me. The assault was thought out to the last detail. One of them walked in front of me in a hood covering his face with his hand and pretending that he was drunk. Another one was behind. They drew level with me and punched me from both sides, knocked me down, kicked for a minute, and ran away. Apparently, they were following me from the office," Holovniov wrote.

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The journalist also noted that nothing was stolen from him.

"It was not a robbery, because I dropped out my bag and phone of my hands. They took nothing. It was not random violence either, since it was planned so that I was unable to see their faces. A blue jacket with a hood was the key feature destroying the descriptive information when taken off. I reported to the police. However, I do not look forward for the results. Not because our police are useless, but because one can easily plan an attack without hard evidence while it will cost a pretty penny to involve 'helicopters and Pinkertons' to investigate the attack without serious bodily harm inflicted," Holovniov stressed.

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According to the journalist, he has no idea about possible causes for the attack.

"Given a dozen topics I covered last month, one can come up with three or four reasonable guesses. However, there are no accusations in our news, only the facts. Moreover, I never refused to publish views of the persons mentioned in the stories. Dear masterminds! It would be good if you at least send me a letter from some fake account explaining what you had in mind by that. I'm not a self-destroyer and able to understand words). But seriously, it was the first time in more than a decade of experience in this profession. And I am definitely very grateful that they haven't planned to kill me. My other colleagues were not so lucky... Yet the effortlessness and impunity of any attack against one is depressing. Take care," Holovniov summed up.

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