"Russians test new weapons in murderous provocations they commit in Donbas," – NSDC Secretary Turchynov

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continues using the occupied territory of Donbas for testing new weapons during murderous provocations.

This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov, Censor.NET reports citing the NSDC press service.

According to him, the Russian occupation troops deployed in the east of Ukraine have not only increased the number and intensity of attacks using heavy weapons banned by the Minsk agreements, but are also regularly testing new types of weapons and military equipment.

"The new Russian KM-8 'Gran' mortar complexes controlled by 'Malakhit' portable automated fire control system and designed to launch 120-mm controlled projectiles were employed against our military in July," he said adding that the complexes were operated solely by career soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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According to him, KM-8 'Gran' mortar complex was designed to destroy or damage isolated and group targets, armor and fortifications with first-round hit probability and without additional adjustment.

"The complex launches a 120-mm controlled projectile (length - 1,200 mm, weight - 27 kg) equipped with a laser-seeker guidance head," Turchynov said. He explained that 'Malakhit' portable automated fire control system (equipped with a laser designator-rangefinder and thermal sight), "allows providing accurate fire in rugged country."

In addition, the NSDC secretary said that the most advanced Inspektor-601 UCAV (designed for combat, reconnaissance, and special missions), 'Shypovnik-Aero' electronic warfare complex and 'Rtut-BM' multipurpose electronic warfare complex, as well as laser detection and ranging equipment and laser equipment for countering electrooptically-designated weapons were employed in combat.

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"The Russian occupation forces were also recorded using weapons with advanced combat qualities banned by the international conventions," he said, adding that he was talking about 3SH2 'Lepestok-2' 122-mm howitzer shells with the flechette darts (casualty area of 500 meters etc.).

"All of this takes place during significant increase in the intensity of attacks on the backdrop of defiant violations of the Minsk agreements on the part of the Russian military," NSDC secretary stressed. "We must provide our Armed Forces with no less efficient and advanced weapons and equipment to be able to provide adequate retaliation to the enemy," he emphasized.

"Meanwhile, the state defense order financing remains blocked as the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has not adopted replenishment of the special fund created for this purpose. The lawmakers went on vacation, leaving billions hryvnia seized from Yanukovych and his cronies in Ukrainian banks beyond the budget," Turchynov summed up.

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