Mayors' case: misappropriated land plots conveyed to company owned by Bucha and Irpin mayors’ wives. DOCUMENTS

Censor.NET obtained documents proving that Bucha City Council had transferred ownership of forest land plots to a private company owned by wife of Bucha Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk and wife of Irpin Mayor Volodymyr Karpliuk through a third party for further construction of residential compounds.

Correspondent for Censor.NET Iryna Romaliiska wrote.

The available documents show the entire corrupt chain. A certain Pakhomii Hlyva was granted two land plots with total area of half a hectare by Bucha City Council in 2011. The Transfer Certificates of Title were signed by Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk.

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After that, a contract for the construction of residential compounds was signed between Budrehіonіnvest Development Company, Oleh Yatsiuk, and Volodymyr Karpliuk, who had been dismissed from the post of Fedoruk's deputy six months earlier and would be elected Irpin Mayor two years later.

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'Rich Town' residential compound consisting of six high-rise buildings was eventually built on the mentioned land plots. The compound's website attracts customers with "clean air of the pine forest and beautiful view."

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Photos courtesy of the 'Rich Town' residential compound's website

MP Olha Chervakova dwelled on the fraud: "Businessman-developer Karpliuk and Bucha's self-perpetuating Mayor Fedoruk established Budrehіonіnvest Development Company in 2011. The company was titled in the names of their wives Larysa Karpliuk and Liudmyla Fedoruk, which is confirmed by the company's foundation charter, a copy of which was obtained by Censor.NET."


According to Olha Chervakova, Budrehіonіnvest eventually built five new residential compounds, including 'Novator', 'Tsentralnyi', 'Rich Town', and 'Bucha Kvartal'. By the way, these were the compounds which Karpliuk declared ownership of 67 apartments in 2013 in. He was nicknamed 'Vova 67 apartments' for that following the scandal that sparked during elections.

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PGO Department Head Volodymyr Hutsuliak confirmed that this episode had been included in the criminal case.

Mayor Fedoruk does not deny that the land in Bucha was transferred for construction to the company officially owned by his wife and the wife of his crony, seeing no conflict of interest in it: "It's great after all! It's wonderful that neighborhoods are being built, the city is being developed!" Fedoruk said.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the Interior Ministry conducted searches at 31 addresses, including the places of residence of Bucha and Irpin mayors, charged with the seizure of 890 hectares of forest. During 2006-2012, the suspected officials illegally passed land plots into the ownership of their friends and relatives.

Irpin mayor Volodymyr Karpliuk is reported to have fled the country. The investigation also examines the fact of passing 14 hectares of Bucha forest to former Verkhovna Rada First Deputy Chairman Ihor Kaletnyk. According to MP Chervakova, Bucha mayor Fedoruk and Irpin mayor Karpliuk appear in three criminal proceedings. According to the PGO, during the searches law enforcers "found documents evidencing of various crimes, including deforestation and illegal development."

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