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 Enemy enhanced its combat activity, but is not preparing for large offensive, - Butusov

The enemy has increased its combat activity along the contact line with Ukrainian positions. Not only the volume of artillery shelling has increased; it is also obvious that the enemy is trying to conduct assaults and attacks against front line positions of the Ukrainian troops with small assault groups.

Yurii Butusov, chief editor of Censor.NET, wrote on his Facebook page.

"Obviously, it is a reaction to active defense tactics of the Ukrainian army, which managed to take control of the bigger part of the grey zone in 2016. To prevent and disrupt further active operations of out units similar to those that took place on June 27 and 29, the enemy is attempting to impose initiative. It is not preparation for a large-scale offensive. These are tactical activities of units at the most vulnerable areas of the front line," the journalist notes.

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According to him, the enemy is attempting to secure tactical surprise, so the attacks are conducted either during artillery shelling or at a lull time.

"These includes not only at night, but also during the day. Where the distance between positions is insignificant, day activities are also surprising. Obviously, Russian command is trying to avoid standard and predictable actions. Attacks are conducted not by special units - assault groups are formed of volunteers from detachments that have spent some time at this area of the front line, know the tactical situation, and have conducted surveillance of Ukrainian positions for a while," Butusov wrote.

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"The modern attrition warfare in the Donbas is the war of infantry. Individual training, cohesiveness, and preparations to actions in small groups within unit-regiment link are crucial for efficient activities. The reality is that the enemy's activities at a certain front line area fade only after losses are inflicted to its advance units. Given the low complete set of Russian army corps and deficit of personnel, even the smallest losses to the enemy at a certain front line area demoralize it and stop its offensives," the journalist concluded.

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