Ambassador Deshchytsia on Volyn tragedy recognition as genocide by Polish Sejm: "I guess we have recrimination period ahead"

The decision of the Polish Sejm to recognize the Volyn tragedy as genocide could aggravate relations between Ukraine and Poland.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Andrii Deshchytsia wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"It is a pity that some of Polish politicians have not taken into account the repeated appeals and proposals of the Ukrainian side for joint assessment of our common tragic history when they were making decision about the commemoration of Volyn victims. It is a pity that the preference was expressed for a one-sided political assessment of events, rather than a professional international or at least the Ukrainian-Polish expert studies and relevant legal conclusions regarding the incident. This decision of the Polish parliament will definitely get a response of the Ukrainian politicians and lawmakers who will be proving at their own discretion and each in one's own way that there was genocide of Ukrainians by Poles. Therefore, we are certainly going to face a period of mutual accusations and statements. And I hope that we will be wise enough to keep this issue solely in the plane of political debate," Deshchytsia said.

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"Both perished Poles and Ukrainians need the Christian tribute to their memory most of all now... Both sides need to take as many such steps as possible. And we actually need to build our relations on such gestures, mutual forgiveness, and joint actions and move on," Deshchytsia stressed.

Earlier, July 22, the Polish parliament (Sejm) declared July 11 Day of remembrance of those who fell victim to 'the genocide' committed by OUN-UPA, SS Galicia and other Ukrainian nationalist organizations against citizens of the Second Republic of Poland in 1943-1945.

The document names Poles, Jews, Armenians, Czechs and other peoples victims of the tragedy, "including some Ukrainians that were trying to help the victims."

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