Force may be used to disrupt by-election at 151st constituency in Lokhvytsia, territorial election commission’s activity blocked, - MP Ihor Lutsenko

Use of force is possible at the 151st constituency (Lokhvytsia city, Poltava region) after the election results are established.

Batkivshchyna faction MP Ihor Lutsenko told Censor.NET.

"We have been repeatedly warned that we might be somehow attacked and the police consult us on this issue. In fact, several masked persons tried to break into the territorial election commission's premises last night, but the attempt was nipped in the bud so it gained no traction... This attack was committed in order to destroy the ballots so that it would be impossible to establish the election result.

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"The second possible option is a provocation during the election protocol delivery in Kyiv. We expected that we would be finally delivering this protocol yesterday. The ballots from just one polling station left to be counted. But they were not processed, so we did not consider this option. But we planned our route to get away from troubles. We were actively consulted by the police on this matter," he said.

According to Lutsenko, the law enforcement agencies are contributing to fair counting of votes: "The police acted appropriately in terms of attacks prevention."

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Earlier, Lutsenko informed that the territorial election commission was incapacitated by a search in the house of Commission Head Inna Demchuk. Several hard drives, flash drives and notepads with Batkivshchyna party logos were seized during the raid. After the search, the territorial election commission head left for Poltava to attend the hearing on the claim filed by one of the candidates who "decided to cancel the election result."

According to the lawmaker, the commission members who had left their workplaces the day before returned today. 11 of the 18 territorial election commission members left their workplaces after a blackout yesterday and have not showed up ever since. The preliminary result showed that Batkivshchyna party member Ruslan Bohdan won the election at the 151st constituency.

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The people's deputy expressed hope that the territorial election commission would resume its work today.

"The law stipulates for around-the-clock work of the commission. Therefore, we expect that the head will return and resume work if the hearing does not take too long," Lutsenko summed up.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n398258