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 Company commander and soldier of 93rd Brigade killed, three injured in ambush attack in Luhansk region, - volunteer Mysiahin

On July 18, two 93rd Brigade fighters died and three others received injuries as an IFV tripped a mine in the Luhansk region.

Censor.NET reports citing volunteer Yurii Mysiahin's Facebook.

"Bad news tonight. About a couple of hours ago, in the Luhansk region, our guys from the 93rd Brigade tripped mine as they were returning from a mission in an IFV.

"After the explosion, the guys came under ambush fire. Unfortunately, the commander of the 9th company (callsign "Osa") and another fighter died.

"Three soldiers received injuries, including the commander of the 7th company (callsign "Staf"). One guy is in very grave condition. Doctors are fighting for his life in Sievierodonetsk," the volunteer wrote.

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