Liechtenstein unfroze 13 million francs on accounts of Yanukovych-era judge, - Deutche Welle

13 million Swiss francs on the Liechtenstein accounts of allegedly corrupt Ukrainian judge Artur Yemelianov and his wife have been unfrozen. According to Liechtenstein's law enforcement, this happened because Ukraine failed to prove the illegality of the money origin. In turn, the Prosecutor General's Office notes that the funds can not be frozen by Ukrainian court as Liechtenstein does not provide necessary information requested by Ukrainian law enforcers.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainian Deutche Welle.

13 million Swiss francs, frozen on July 23, 2015 by the prosecutor's office of the principality, are in question.

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As reported, according to sources in Liechtenstein's law enforcement, the funds have been unfrozen because the Ukrainian side failed to provide information about their possible illegal origin.

However, Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office says the ruling of the investigative judge about the freezing of accounts was overturned by the Kyiv Appeals Court on Feb. 9. The Ukrainian side says the funds can not be frozen by Ukrainian court as Liechtenstein fails to provide information "which would make it possible to get the documentary evidence of the involvement of the judge and his wife into obtaining improper financial gain."

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After the change of government in Ukraine, Yemelianov lost his leadership position in court. However, he continues to work in the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine. Pursuant to the lustration law, the judge has filed a declaration of income. With a salary of 238,000 hryvnia (approx. $9,576) he has declared two land plots, two houses, and 12 flats. However, Yemelianov's colleagues don't consider his declaration inconsistent with the level of income.

As previously reported, on July 29, 2015, the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine reported 13 million francs had been frozen on the accounts of a judge of the Supreme Economic Court. The State Financial Monitoring Service and the Financial Intelligence Unit of Liechtenstein exposed five companies owned by Ukrainians, registered in Panama and Liechtenstein, with accounts in banks of Liechtenstein and Latvia. Significant amounts of money of dubious origin had been accumulated on the accounts of these companies. It was found that a judge of the Superior Economic Court and his wife were joint beneficiaries and / or persons authorized to use these accounts. This judge turned out to be one of the deputy chairmen of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. Liechtenstein, in turn, said it was ready to return the money of the judge provided his involvement in corrupt schemes was proved. In March 2016, Nashі Hroshі reported that 300 million hryvnia (approx. $12.07 million) had been withdrawn from Yemelianov's wife offshore firm after it suddenly changed owner.
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