Two gas top managers detained on funds and property embezzlement case, - Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Kholodnytskyi

Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office is conducting searches with regard to the case on Odesa Port Plant (OPP).

This was announced by head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office Nazar Kholodnytskyi at a briefing, Censor.NET informs citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Kholodnytskyi said that the NABU's matter regarding the fact of violations against property of the OPP has enough evidence to serve a notice of suspicion of funds embezzlement of the plant in large amount to two top officials.

According to the anti-corruption prosecutor, the pre-trial investigation has established that in May 2015, first deputy chairman of the board of Naftohaz Ukrainy, who is also chairman of the board of OPP, had a criminal intent to embezzle funds of the OPP in favor of Ukrnafta company, which belongs to private shareholders by 51 percent.

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"A purchase of natural gas for amount of 250 million hryvnia ($10 million) via Enerhoalians company at unreasonably high prices compared to market price had been conducted, 3 percent of which was supposed to remain on accounts of this private company, and the rest of the funds, including the abundant amount, were supposed to be received on accounts of Ukrnafta," the prosecutor informed.

Currently, he said, a decision on servicing notices of suspicion to the persons in question has been made. Searches continue, Kholodnytskyi announced, and the persons in question will be detained under article 208 of Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.

NABU head Artem Sytnyk, commenting on the case, said it is one of the first schemes that had been exposed, however, OPP has more schemes for money laundering, he said.

Initially, neither Kholodnytskyi, nor Sytnyk named the persons involved in the scheme. It is known, that in 2015 the posts indicated in the case they quoted were occupied by Serhii Pereloma.

Later, Ukrainski Novyny quoted Kholodnytskyi as naming the officials in question.

He said Pereloma colluded with first deputy chairman of board of OPP Shchurykov, and between May and December 2015 they has embezzled the funds in question, belonging to OPP, by abuse of office and concluding agreement for gas purchase at knowingly high prices for amount of 205,181,833 UAH, Kholodnytskyi informed.

Interfax-Ukraine later informed that Pereloma and Shchurykov have been already detained and will be served notices of suspicion of property embezzlement soon.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n397345