Odesa customs chief Marushevska sues SFS Head Nasirov

Chief of Odesa customs Yulia Marushevska has sued Head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov.

Censor.NET reports citing Marushevska's Facebook.

"I am suing Roman Nasirov for violating the law while conducting a contest for the posts of checkpoint chiefs at Odesa customs. The leader of the SFS has set up a competition commission in Kyiv consisting of advocates of corruption so that they decide who will work at the Odesa customs. It's a lawlessness on the part of the head of the SFS," Marushevska stated.

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She noted that Nasirov has no right to announce the competition this way.

"Nasirov just fears that new employees will come to the customs. In addition, after we gave start to criminal proceedings against particularly notorious high-ranking persons, Nasirov banned us from instituting disciplinary proceedings against the heads of customs checkpoints. It is also a violation of the law, and therefore another lawsuit. I would like to note that in recent months we have revealed numerous facts of abuse among the top officials inside the service.

"Now they want to strip us of even a theoretical possibility to update the staff: we can not document the violations of individual customs managers, while the SFS, contrary to the law, will send their people to work here," Marushevska said, noting she has filed two cases to court today.

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