Officers detained for drunk humiliation of 93rd Brigade soldiers reprimanded and released from custody, - military police

Two officers of the 93rd Brigade, who had been detained by their subordinates for being under influence, were reprimanded and released from custody.

Military Law Enforcement Service Sarmat special purpose detachment's Sergeant Oleksii Kalinin, who took part in the arrest of the officers, told Censor.NET correspondent.

"Major Kotii and Colonel Poliakov were released at 10 a.m. July 10. They are walking around the military base. I can tell only what I know. Major Kotii was reprimanded and Colonel Poliakov received severe reprimand. This was also recorded in their personal files," he said.

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The serviceman also told about the investigation of the incident: "Members of the Military Law Enforcement Service Directorate arrived July 10. They prosecuted the inquiry. We submitted explanatory notes. In the evening, we were told that colonel and major were not drunk, for it was proved by alcohol tests. Then they took all the documents and left. We made copies of explanatory notes submitted by us and the 1st battalion representatives. We also made copies of testimony made in the hospital reading that major and colonel were under influence. The official check was held yesterday, but it did not concern us."

Kalinin said that the pressure was not put on members of the military police patrol.

"No pressure has been brought. Besides the fact that Colonel Zashchitin threatened to send me and Private Demydiuk serve in the Donetsk Regional Directorate. But this has not happened so far. Advisers to the Chief of the General Staff told me that I should let them know if there was any pressure and they would support us. The military base commander has summoned all members of patrol to his office tomorrow. Let's see how this plays out," he added.

Kalinin also noted that the military police patrol supported the servicemen of the 93 Brigade's 1st Battalion involved in detention of their officers.

"We are not giving up and fully support the 1st Battalion. The officials carrying out the official check tried to make clear to us yesterday that the rank and file patrol members were not authorized to detain high command officers. But we noted, however, that we were members of Sarmat special purpose detachment of the Military Law Enforcement Service, that is Sarmat commandos," Kalinin summed up.

It should be reminded that the soldiers of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade detained drunken brigade commanders and handed them over to the military police (Military Law Enforcement Service) on July 9.
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