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 Supreme Court upheld dismissal of judges who tried Euromaidan activists, - lawyer Maselko

The Supreme Court upheld the dismissal of judges who had convicted the Euromaidan activists.

Lawyer of Automaidan activists Roman Maselko wrote on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, yesterday the Supreme Court of Ukraine finally put to rest the matter on whether judges violated oath while bringing illegal verdicts against Maidan activists and whether they would at least be dismissed for that.

Ukraine's Higher Administrative Court has been reversing judgments of the Supreme Council of Justice to dismiss judges who tried Maidan activists until now. The Higher Administrative Court ruled that these judges acted in accordance to the law, Maselko said.

However, the Supreme Court considered the cases of Judge Chala, Shvachach, Martsynkevych, and ruled that the Supreme Council of Justice had come to the correct conclusion about violation of the oath by these judges, while the decisions of the Higher Administrative Court to reverse judgments of the Supreme Council of Justice were unlawful.

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"In my opinion, the decision of the Supreme Court is legal and fair, while the stance of Higher Administrative Court trying to release all judges from responsibility is quite suspicious. Some Higher Administrative Court's conclusions were frankly surprising. There will be no impunity and it is really a very important signal.

"But the judges are only a small part. The inevitability of punishment should be applied to everyone who offended against the law and own conscience then and violated the oath," the lawyer wrote.

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