Ukrainian surgeons implanted artificial heart for first time in country's history

Kyiv's Heart Institute has for the first time implanted an artificial heart.

Borys Todurov, the institute's cardiologist, wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"We did it! The first artificial heart has been implanted in Ukraine in Kyiv's Heart Institute. The patient has just been moved to the intensive care unit," he wrote.

The implantation was carried out by Borys Todurov, his team, and Christof Schmid, a professor from Germany.

The heart itself was also delivered from Germany.

"Considering a serious condition of the patient and inability to wait long, the company has shipped us an artificial heart at my word of honor without asking for immediate payment," Todurov wrote earlier.

Previously, the surgeon said that a 41-year-old Kharkiv resident Pavlo Doroshko had come to the institute with a severe heart failure. The only way to survive with such a diagnosis as dilated cardiomyopathy is transplanting a donor heart. Such heart transplants has not been carried out in our country for several years.

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The use of an artificial mechanical heart for patients with severe cardiac diseases increases their chances of survival until a required donor organ is supplied.

To date, the cost of such an artificial heart makes €120,000.
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