Russia lied about MH17 crash and forged ‘proofs’ of Ukraine's fault from very beginning, Bellingcat founder says

Bellingcat project founder Eliot Higgins said that Russia lied about MH17 crash in the Donbas in 2014 from the very beginning as well as fabricated ‘proofs’ of Ukraine's involvement in it.

He said in an interview with Gordon, Censor.NET informs.

Asked why Bellingcat was still investigating the downing and what the ultimate goal of the project was, Higgins said that Bellingcat was quite a unique project making everyone move forward in terms of investigations. According to him, the project participants just have to keep looking for information until all possibilities are exhausted... Their ultimate goal is to see those who downed the aircraft being brought to justice and make sure that the whole world remembers what role Russia has played in the deaths of 298 people.

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The Bellingcat founder hopes that his team's efforts will help identify the masterminds of the Boeing 777 crash in the Donbas and hold them accountable. However, it seems for him to be an impossible task as it is difficult to search for those persons single-handedly using information from open sources alone. He hopes that their work will provide additional evidence to the official investigators having a much wider range of capabilities. Eliot Higgins doesn't rule out that the perpetrators will be tried some day.

According to the Bellingcat founder, his team was following the clues as they initially did not know whether it was Ukraine or Russia that was responsible for the downing of the civilian aircraft. But as they collected and analyzed information, it became quite clear who was responsible. According to him, Russia lied about MH17 from the very beginning. It fabricated evidence in the air crash against Ukraine. Higgins stressed that consequently not only the evidence gathered by Bellingcat, but Russia's unsuccessful attempts to fool the whole world pointed to its guilt in the downing.

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