NATO stays "behind military-political looking glass," - Russia's Foreign Ministry on Warsaw summit

The Russian side is carefully studying the solutions of the NATO summit held in Warsaw on July 8-9.

Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in her official address, Censor.NET reports.

As expected, Russian Foreign Ministry found reasons for traditional reproaches. In particular, Zakharova emphasized that NATO focused on "containing" of a non-existent "threat from the East" (coming from the Russian Federation, - Ed.).

"However, even the initial analysis of the results of the summit shows that NATO stays 'behind some military-political looking glass'. Contrary to the objective interests of maintaining peace and stability in Europe, the need to unite potentials of all responsible international actors in combating the real, not contrived challenges, the alliance focuses on "containing" of a non-existent 'threat from the East'," she underlined.

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"The stark imbalance in strengthening NATO's flanks against the background of unprecedented terrorist threat coming from the southern direction gives evidence of the increasingly apparent isolation of the block's policy from the really pressing needs for protection and security of citizens of the NATO member states," the statement reads.

The Russian side insists that NATO justifies such actions by accusing Russia.

"The attempts to "demonize" Russia in order to justify the development of military capability in order to divert attention from the destructive role of the alliance and some of its allies in provoking crises and maintaining hotbeds of tension in various parts of the world take a completely exaggerated form," she added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry did not forget to blame the United States, which, in Zakharova's approval, make changes in the existing balance of forces, "including accelerated implementation of US / NATO missile defense plans in Europe".Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n396836