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 Hroisman urges parliament to vote for appointment of National Bank Council members and Yanukovych’s assets confiscation: "We’ll be unable to pay salaries and pensions without this"

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman called on the lawmakers to support a number of bills dealing with the economic situation in the country.

Such appeals to the MPs were voiced by the prime minister as he delivered his speech at the evening session of the parliament on Thursday, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

Hroisman asked the lawmakers to approve appointment of the new National Bank Supervisory Board members of the Rada quota. The prime minister said that 38 billion hryvnia (about $1,520,000) would not be transferred to the budget of Ukraine without such a decision. According to him, the payment of salaries, pensions, and army funding depends on it.

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Hroisman also urged MPs to support a number of economic laws, which the IMF cooperation program fulfillment depended on.

In addition, the PM called on the lawmakers to address another issue concerning the assets of Yanukovych.

"$1.5 billion dollars were stolen from the Ukrainian people. These funds have been attached and are currently on the accounts of Ukrainian banks. We must make every effort to return these funds to the state budget in a lawful manner. This issue as well requires the political will of each lawmaker present here to adopt this decision and start the process of restoration of justice," Hroisman stressed.

Later, Verkhovna Rada Speaker Parubii adjourned the meeting of the parliament for half an hour and asked MPs not disperse as an 'important bill' was going to be considered after the break.

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