Russian oligarch Grigorishyn obtained Ukrainian nationality, - MP Levus. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

People's Front faction MP Andrii Levus published the response to his request confirming that the Russian oligarch Konstantin Grigorishyn had been granted Ukrainian citizenship due to his "territorial origin".

As reported by Censor.NET, the lawmaker posted the response of the State Migration Service of Ukraine on Facebook.

Levus wrote: "Grigorishyn actually received the Ukrainian citizenship. #Nastup deputy group sought clarifications from the president and the Migration Service, and emphasized the inadmissibility of such a move on the part of the authorities.

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"However, the Migration Service has confirmed the obtainment of citizenship by its response. Grigorishyn has obviously decided to "thank" the president, as the delegation from the Sumy Frunze Plant (owned by the oligarch - Ed.) was the largest one at today's trade unions protest.

"Although, there is a slight advantage in granting citizenship to Grigorishyn: being a citizen of Ukraine, he can now be held accountable for financial cooperation of his Luhansk Energy Association with "LPR" terrorists, for his role in the energy blockade of Crimea and the like.

"The idea of stiffening the international pressure is just ridiculous as long as the [Ukrainian] authorities continue handing out passports of Ukraine to Russian oligarchs instead of imposing sanctions against them."

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григоришин гражданство

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