"The weapons are legal! Our fighters obtained them in combat, while those who searched were taking care of their assets in Kyiv offices," - Yurii Bereza commented on Dnipro-1 searches

Searches conducted at the base of the Dnipro-1 Regiment are a provocation organized by Prosecutor General's Office and paid for by Opposition Bloc in order to defame the Regiment and its command.

Colonel-in-Chief of the Dnipro-1 Regiment, People's Front MP Yurii Bereza said in a commentary to Censor.NET.

"Today, as ordered by the Opposition Bloc, a paid provocation against the Dnipro-1 Volunteer Regiment took place. Unfortunately, the provocation has been fulfilled by the Prosecutor General's Office. Although war crimes are investigated by the military prosecution, this search and criminal case have been sanctioned by another department and another prosecutor - a prosecutor of the economic crimes department of the PGO O.N.Voitovych," Bereza noted.

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According to him, PGO employees arrived from Kyiv, and together with SBU broke in the regiment's base without the command being present, and seized captured weapons, "which was stored there legally, entered into books, and registered."

"It is true that our soldiers got these weapons in combat in the ATO area (anti-terrorist operation - ed.) - while those who conducted the searches were taking care of their asses in Kyiv offices and got stuck in corruption and sales of criminal cases. The weapons are [stored] at the regiment's base legally. [It's] total idiocy and violation of Ukraine's laws. PGO thinks that storing registered trophy weapons in an arms room with security is illegal? The weapons were illegal until fighters of the Dnipro [Regiment] seized it from Russian militants," Bereza outraged.

According to the MP, despite the appointment of the new Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko, many leading officials of the PGO continue "working with a price list, like call girls."

"In this case, services of prosecutor Voitovych and his assistants were paid for by the Opposition Bloc. Acting commander of the Dnipro-1 Regiment Rashevskyi is running for the parliament at the 27th constituency of Dnipro, and obviously, the enemies of Ukraine want to defame and remove this war participant from election in such illegal manner.

"It's a shame. I hope the PGO leadership pays attention to the abuse of office and illegal acts by prosecutor Voitovych and other rascals, who were not fighting, but staying in the rear and covering for economic crimes. Prosecutor Voitovych is a whore, and his place it at by the side of the road, not at civil service," Bereza said.

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He also noted he intended to initiate an investigation into property of PGO prosecutor Voitovych, as well as his corrupt connections.

"I hope for public support and attention of the National Anti-corruption Bureau and the anti-corruption committee of the Verkhovna Rada. Voitovych is pursuing and defaming volunteer soldiers, he won't get away with this," Bereza summed up.

Earlier, the PGO reported seizure of a record number of illegally held weapons, ammunition, and explosives from the Dnipro-1 base. As reported, the weapons have been written off as used in fighting with militants.

The regiment claims that the recent PGO's raid seeks to discredit Acting Commander Oleksandr Rashevskyi, who is running for the local election in Dnipro city as an independent candidate.

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