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 Italy's Lombardy recognizes Crimea's status and calls for lifting of sanctions against Russia

The Regional Council of Lombardy, a province in northern Italy, has passed a resolution calling for lifting the anti-Russian sanctions and recognizing the right of the people of Crimea to self-determination.

Censor.NET reports citing TASS.

The vote took place at the secretariat of the Northern League political party, whose representatives are the resolution's authors, on Tuesday, July 5.

The resolution stressed the need of strengthening a dialogue with Russia, including with an aim to ensure international security. The resolution's authors demand that the regional government start working for the lifting of sanctions and establishing commercial relations with Crimea.

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The regional government of Lombardy headed by Governor Roberto Maroni supported the resolution.

Similar documents have previously been adopted in Veneto and Liguria.

The Regional Council of Tuscany included the resolution's discussion in its agenda on Tuesday. However, the vote may take place only on Wednesday. Besides, the text of the resolution submitted in Tuscany does not contain a clause on the recognition of Crimea's status.

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