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 "It was real covert operation," – MP Iryna Herashchenko dwelled on Colonel Beziazykov’s liberation

First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Herashchenko has disclosed some details of the liberation of Armed Forces Colonel Ivan Beziazykov from terrorists’ captivity.

As reported by Censor.NET, she wrote on Facebook.

The lawmaker wrote: "Ivan Beziazykov was freed tonight. He has been held by the militants since August 2014. And he has been finally set free due to hard field work and prompt action. The president was the first who was reported that the operation he had authorized several days ago was successful...

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"It was a real covert operation. I am grateful to everyone involved. We do have a true secret service and I'm proud of everyone involved in the liberation of Ukrainians.

"We have long tried to establish Ivan Beziazykov's location as he was held neither in remand prison nor in the former premises of the Donetsk SBU, but elsewhere. The militants did not confirm his whereabouts, did not provide information where he was held, an claimed they had got no such person.

"And then, late last year, we managed to track down, find out where he was held. The hard work to liberate him began. And it produced result today! Ivan Beziazykov will be in Kyiv as early as tomorrow and he will be able to hug his family. We are happy today. We will keep working together with the SBU, the Minsk group and everyone involved."

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