MPs and battalion fighters did not allow to transport arrested Aidar commander Lykholit from court to detention prison, - MP Yehor Soboliev

мельничук лихолит

Several MPs, as well as Aidar and Donbas battalion soldiers spent the night in the room of the Pechersk district court in Kyiv to prevent the export to jail of the Aidar commander Valentyn Lykholit (call sign "Batia") arrested yesterday.

Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"We keep on preventing Aidar Battalion Commander Valentyn Lykholit from being exported to detention prison. Pechersk district court judge Hladun decided to arrest him upon the claims by 'LPR' terrorists from Siverodonetsk," he wrote.

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"The night passed quietly. Around 3 a.m.., when a group of special forces fighters appeared in front of the court, Aidar and Donbas battalion soldiers blocked all the doors and prepared for an assault. It did not happen. However, Azov soldiers headed by Andrii Biletskyi came.

"Our demand number one is to release Aidar's Batia. It is absolutely real for military prosecutors and judges of the Pechersk court who are puppets of the Administration of the president and do anything they are told," he stressed.

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Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office charged two Aidar soldiers with a number of grave crimes. Later it turned out that one of them was Aidar's legend Valentyn Lykholit (call sign "Batia"). Criminal proceeding against him was opened on suspicion of organization of an armed gang, robbery, burglary, and kidnapping of two or more persons. According to the investigators, the fighter violated the Constitution and the Charter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces several times, as well as improperly performed his duties.

The Pechersk court appointed two months detention as the measure of restraint for Lykholit.
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