Poroshenko to run for second term; it's a tremendous responsibility, - PPB faction leader Hryniv

Leader of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) faction in the parliament Ihor Hryniv believes that acting President Petro Poroshenko will run for the second term of presidency.

As reported by Censor.NET, he said in an interview to Ukrainska Pravda.

According to Hryniv, there are no doubts about Poroshenko running for the second term. At the same time, PPB faction leader says, "it's a tremendous responsibility."

"Petro Oleksiiovych [Poroshenko - ed.] is well aware that in order to become president for the second tenure, he needs extraordinary results. The credit of trust towards the authorities has decreased, [people] have more claims to the government; the issue of the government's responsibility is more acute - these demands differ from those to Yushchenko [former president of Ukraine, came to power after first Maidan 'revolution' in 2004 - ed.]," the MP notes.

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"It's totally different now: without real reforms, without an open stance, it would be difficult to make it into Ukrainian history. This game is much more complicated than it looks," the PPB faction leader stressed.

According to Hryniv, the acting president was the best candidate of all who ran for the presidential elections back in 2014.

"If another candidate had won [then], the risk for Ukraine's statehood would have been much higher."

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PPB faction leader says that other possible presidential candidates for the next election are acting Lviv mayor Andrii Sadovyi and former PM, leader of Batkivshchyna party Yuliia Tymoshenko.

However, Hryniv believes, the 'league' of the candidates has 'lower quality' now.

Earlier, March 29, 2014 Petro Poroshenko was nominated to run for presidency. The election took place on May 25, 2014, after former President Viktor Yanukovych fled the country. Poroshenko was supported by 54.7 percent of voters and inaugurated on June 7, 2014.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n395381