Communist party member Aleksandrovska and her son, recruited by FSB, attempted buying federalization requests by local councils in Kharkiv region, - SBU

SBU has prevented another attempt of Russian secret services to arrange "quiet federalization" in Ukraine.

Censor.NET informs citing the press office of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

"SBU and prosecutor's office have prevented another attempt by Russian secret services on destabilization of social and political situation in the state under the Kremlin scenario of the so-called 'quiet federalization' in the Kharkiv region. SBU officers obtained information that representatives of banned Communist party, namely former Communist MP Alla Aleksandrovska and her son Oleksandr, who took cover in Russia, attempted to bribe leaders and deputies of local councils of the region so that they adopted inquiries to the parliament and the president regarding making amendments to the Constitution on federalization matters. The Communists were offering $9,000 for signatures under relevant inquiries.

"Also, SBU has found, the Russian FSB allocated much larger amount for the bribes, part of which has been appropriated by the Communists," the press service stated.

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The plan, SBU says, was to give Putin's diplomacy a chance to accuse Ukraine in front of the international community of ignoring its people's will, which is allegedly to federalize and allow wider powers to local governments, including a special economic region 'Slobozhanshchyna' (the Kharkiv region).

"On June 24, SBU officers detained an intermediary of the Communists in the city of Pivdenne, the Kharkiv region, during a bribe to a city council official for the federalization inquiry. Upon a request of the law enforcement agency, city deputies imitated putting the matter on the agenda - this helped the SBU gathering required evidence and detaining more persons involved in this operation of the Russian secret services," SBU added.

According to the agency, it was not the first attempt of 'buying' of legal initiative in the Kharkiv region. Similar attempts were made in late April in Zmiiv and Volchanka, which failed.

In the special operation, law enforcers have detained all known participants of the criminal group. Former MP Alla Aleksandrovska has been detained under article 208 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Her son, who is hiding in Russia, has been informed of charges and put on the wanted list.

Earlier, on June 28, Kharkiv SBU conducted search in the house of local Communist leader Aleksandrovska. After it became known that she was detained on suspicion of separatism and bribing.

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