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 State budget revenue performance exceeded 12 billion hryvnia as of end May, - Nasirov


The state budget revenue performance exceeded 12 billion hryvnia over the period of Jan. - May 2016.

Chairman of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov said in an interview to ZN.UA.

"As of end May, the revenue part of the budget is completed. The overfulfillment consists 12 billion hryvnia," he said.

"Implementation of the revenue part of the budget is quite tense. We are especially worried about the dynamics in the second half of 2016," Nasirov noted. "We're mostly talking about rental payments for amber, gas, etc. There are objective reasons and problems: these items are overpriced. We raised the issue at the end of last year when the budget was arranged, and once again at the beginning of 2016. Expectations on production do not correspond to reality, and it is impossible to take rent for gas which had not been extracted. However, the situation with other items is stable," he explained.

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In addition, Nasirov sees the strengthening of the hryvnia in the recent months as one of the reasons for problems with budget revenue. "In general, it is a good thing, but it is bad in terms of implementation of the revenue part of the budget both for the tax and especially the customs sectors, because the revenue there is mainly generated from the dollar value," he said.

As for the possible sources of budget filling, according to Nasirov, the State Fiscal Service "looks forward" to the increase in customs duties.

"We are trying to move away from manipulations at customs by legislative and administrative means. Basically we are talking about the fragmentation of parties and the use of incentives for goods weighing up to 50 kg and up to 500 Euros, which individuals can bring to Ukraine without payment of customs duties," he said.

Nasirov also said that the the State Fiscal Service receives "14 billion hryvnia" of VAT payments on a monthly basis, taking into account the exchange rate difference. This is "essentially, by 35-40%, more" than a year ago.

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Earlier, the National Bank of Ukraine reported that the state budget was implemented with a deficit of 26,37 billion hryvnia in Jan.-May 2016 .

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