Savchenko opposes arms aid for Ukraine, says it may lead to World War III

People's deputy (Batkivshchyna) Nadiia Savchenko believes that the Western aid for Ukraine should be consistent, while the issue of arms supplies is to be seen as one that could result in World War III.

Savchenko said in an interview with Holos Ameryky, Censor.NET reports.

Answering a reporter's question about possible Western assistance, the Ukrainian MP said: "Is it worth helping with weapons? It depends on the extent of determination. A mere arms aid may lead to World War III. If we consider the current situation, it should be a consistent assistance. First, it is necessarily a political and economic [aid - ed.] in the form of sanctions against Russia, because the country or rather the leadership has to realize its wrong deeds, and that one can not exist this way in today's world, and that no one will cooperate under such conditions. It seems to me that more personal sanctions should be introduced so that common people are less affected and the leaders suffer and experience all the hardships. It's really hard for the Russians to endure the sanctions. But the authorities are kind of unaffected."

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