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 Sanctions against Russia should be more personal, - Savchenko

Verkhovna Rada and PACE deputy Nadiia Savchenko deems it appropriate to gradually lift the economic sanctions against Russia but leave the personal ones.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to Ukrinform, she said it on air DW's Nemtsova. Interview project.

"I believe that the sanctions should be more personal so that those guilty of what is happening will get exactly what they deserve. The economic [sanctions - ed.] should be lifted over time as commitments are fulfilled. Step by step," Savchenko said.

According to her, this is "very frustrating" that sanctions affect both common people in Russia and Europe and Ukraine."

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"Europe can and must, as well as all the civilized world, talk to Russia in the language of economics and politics," Savchenko said, emphasizing it is not "necessary to plunge into a third world war."

Earlier, Tuesday, COREPER (the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union) made a decision to extend sanctions against Russia for another six months - until Jan. 31, 2017. The final decision is to be made by the EU Council before the end of July.

As previously reported, in 2014, the European Union, the United States and several other countries imposed sanctions against Russia in connection with the occupation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine. These restrictive measures were repeatedly extended and expanded. In particular, the talks on visa waiver and a new basic agreement on cooperation were suspended; several Russia's officials were banned to travel to the EU while their assets were attached. Trade, financial, and military restrictions were introduced.
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