460 poisoned people hospitalized in Izmail, including 281 children, - mayor Abramchenko

In the night of June 20-21, 28 people, including 12 children, were taken to hospitals in Izmail and the Izmail district (the Odesa region) with suspected poisoning.

Censor.NET reports referring to Izmail mayor Andrii Abramchenko's Facebook.

"460 people, including 281 children, have been hospitalized in Izmail and the Izmail district since the outbreak of intestinal infection. As of Tuesday morning, June 21, 215 people are being treated in hospitals, including 111 children," the mayor says.

"Today, with the overall decline in the number of infected persons, an increase in the number of adults seeking medical help has been registered. The reason for that lies not only in a stronger immune system of an adult (in comparison with that of a child) but in the neglect of strict following of basic sanitary rules and hygiene," he said.

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"Over the past weekend, the police and border guards had to pull people out of the water as they risked not only contracting an intestinal infection themselves but also bringing it upon others. In this regard, I reiterate the need for strict compliance with the requirements of sanitary rules and temporary ban on bathing in reservoirs," Abramchenko wrote.

"I call on Izmail residents to boil water before use, wash fruit and vegetables with soap and parboil them, refrain from swimming in open water," the mayor stated.

"Those in hospitals are fully provided with medicines and water," he added.

"A decision on the hyperchlorination of water supply network will be made after we receive official calculations of disinfectant composition as well as official recommendations about the places of their use," Abramchenko noted.

Earlier, the reovirus-like agent's (rotavirus) presence in the tap water was named the cause of mass poisoning of people in the city of Izmail in the Odesa region.
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