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 Parliament to adopt new law on screening officials if current one abolished, - Speaker Parubii

Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andrii Parubii believes that there is no reason to question the law on lustration.

As reported by Censor.NET, he said on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel today.

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"Of course, we can potentially admit such a decision, while I myself actually cannot, but if it happens, I think the Ukrainian parliament has enough political will to repass such a law, possibly with certain amendments. And I can say that I might be one of authors of such a law in the Verkhovna Rada, if such a situation eventually takes place," Parubii said.

Earlier, Yehor Soboliev said that the Constitutional Court was going to abolish the key articles of the lustration law. Citing sources in the Constitutional Court, Soboliev said that the judges of the Constitutional Court were going to be gathered today for them to sign the decision on the abolition of the key articles of the law "On the cleansing of the ranks of power."

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MP Leonid Yemets (People's Front faction) also noted today that the Constitutional Court of Ukraine may decide on the conformity of certain provisions of the law "On the cleansing of the ranks of power" (lustration) with the Constitution at a closed meeting on Friday.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n392802